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Gold Recovery From Scrap CPU's - Introduction

In electronics waste we can always find some CPU's . CPU's are usually considered as the grand prize out of the different electronic components for gold recovery. That is why they have one of the highes scrap price per lb. and that is way we decided to dedicate a whole section for them.

The CPU is, in other words the main computer processor that compute all of the computer activities, for that reason they were produced with the best materials that they could think of, one of those materials is Gold.
At the Scrap value point of view we can divide CPU types to three categories: Ceramic, Fiber and intermediate.

CPU types
CPU types

  • Ceramic - The body composed entirely of a ceramic compound, heat sink in some types is gold plated, pins are gold plated, gold traces inside leading to the CPU core. Out of the three, the ceramic type CPU's are the most valued since they were produced at times that gold was cheaper, as well the lake of advanced material engineering.

  • Intermediate - These are a combination of a fiber body and a ceramic core, Pins are gold plated less thick then the old ceramics, gold traces leading to the CPU core and inside the ceramic piece are microns thick gold wires also leading to the CPU core.

  • Fiber - the least valued type, Pins are gold plated less thick then the ceramics type, usually, mounted on them are ceramic capacitors that contains Palladium or Silver/Palladium.

Stay posted for our next articles on how to process and recover the gold out of CPU's.


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