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Rem Hlwn
Apr 18, 2021
In PGM Refining
Hi everybody. I have a green palladium solution. I took a sample of it and I added a DMG and sodium hydroxide solution to the green pd solution. It precipitated green powder. I read in some forums that I should filtrate the powder and wash it with cold water until it gets yellow pdDMG powder. When I washed it it got white color. Am I doing something wronge? Or I didnt make the DMG solution correctly. I tested the green solution with Stannous chloride before and after adding DMG solution. Before it was positive after adding it got negative with the green precipitate. What should I do?
Rem Hlwn
Feb 26, 2021
In PGM Refining
I did almost all steps from this website about palladium precipitation. I added HCl to my material of palladium on a hot plate and started adding nitric acid slowly. The soloution started getting green. When the material dissolved i cooled it for a day and i started heating it again and added additions of HCl and the mixture got dark green. I made bunch of Stannous chloride tests and i think that it is positive for palladium because the colour was yellow green. When i neutralized the soloution i let it for one more day. After that a blue- green crystals were formed so i filtered them. After that I made a concentrated soloution of amonium chloride and I added it to my palladium soloution. Some precipitate was formed so i filtered it. But the precipitate was not yellow or orange. Later I make a mixture of manganese oxide and HCl to produce chlorine. I introduced the chlorine to the green mixture of palladium and then some white green precipitate was formed. My question is am I doing everything correctly and why my soloution is green and if it is wronge how can i fix it.


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Rem Hlwn

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