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Safiye Tanrıverdi
Jan 27, 2021
In Gold Refining
From ancient times to today, gold has been valued by people. Owing to it’s rare and valuable, it’s a very important mine for country economies and financial markets. As human history progresses, it has become a symbol of power and wealth. In this instance, being a gold producer and having primary and secondary resources mean an economic factor. Today, its place in the industry is indisputable. In the figure below, it is seen that it is widely used in various fields, mostly in the jewelery sector. Recovery is the process of removing impurities from precious metal. Through the recovery and refining systems offered by Proses Makina, you can have the right information, materials and equipment. Besides, you can easily refine precious metals with high purity such as gold, silver and more metals from mine which is primary source and scrap jewelry which is secondary source. Gold Refining from Mining Ores are used as the primary source in the production of gold metal, whose value is increasing day by day. Precious metal reserves are processed, enriched then refined to obtain high purity gold. As Proses Makina, our gold production system provides that you can recover precious metal with high efficiency. At the same time, through to our neutralization unit, you can smoothly carry out environmental precautions according to national and international standards, which are the most important factor. Gold Refining from Jewelry Scrap As seen in the usage of gold chart, gold is widely used for jewelry and ornaments, with its widespread use in many sectors. These scrapped products constitute an important secondary source in terms of the metals it contains. The vast majority in the jewelry industry brought recovery processes as a necessity. In the jewelry industry, gold is generally used as silver, palladium, copper or platinum alloys. These scrap jewelery containing many precious metals need to be recycled. Through to our recycling and recovery systems, it is possible to obtain all the metals contained in scrap jewelry in 100% efficiency. It is our guarantee that you can recover 99.99% purity Au and other metals with a minimum purity of 99.95%. For more information visit our website. If you need any equipment, please contact. Safiye Tanrıverdi Metallurgical and Materials Engineer
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Safiye Tanrıverdi

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