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Features Biological Abstracts

The abstract edition is characterized by the following features:

  • Full coverage of the main and auxiliary elements of the theme, compliance with high standards;

  • Objective judgment in the analysis and evaluation of abstracts, competent conclusions;

  • Ensuring the transmission of meaningful and timely information.

It is important to note that every year the database is updated with new information, including annually more than 24,000 links on various topics, about 165,000 quotes and clever statements. Any fresh data provides the base with more than comprehensive information on each issue. It is very important that the totality of such systematized materials has the ability to save the text in its original form, that is, in the same way that the author sent it.

Base Benefits

In addition to the fact that the Biological Abstracts database resource allows you to get comprehensive information on any issue of interest, it also has other advantages:

  • The opportunity to get acquainted with the latest techniques, research methods and other data that have only been discussed, but have not yet been published in the journal;

  • Discovering new ways and solutions that allow for very useful scientific research;

  • Ability to avoid duplication of expert studies;

  • The ability to observe the activities of competitors.

It is through basic resources that science and biomedical research is explained from beginning to end. Abstracts in the biological disciplines that cover these studies cover peer-reviewed articles from more than 4,000 international journals. These biology abstracts provide users and authors with access to the latest information in the form of additional literature sources and references from any scientific discipline, including the first entries from 1969 to the present.

The use of abstracts in biology allows the user with a subscription to search for the necessary data on other Internet sites, to search in the referenced bibliographic list. When there is a common vocabulary within the boundaries of one base, the search performance increases, more complete and adequate results are provided, and work with articles and projects presented in the public domain becomes more optimized. Such conditions are created not only by the additional links provided, but also by their display in a priority queue when several versions of the website are available at once.

Resources from the database allow the user to receive a complete information certificate about the conduct of new research projects, by analyzing journal articles they will give information about the famous researchers of the institutes. It turns out that the Biological Abstracts base has a fairly broad outlook, helps a novice or experienced scientist to get used to or learn something new in the scientific field, to be always up to date with events and news.

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