In this article we will demonstrate how to recover precious metals Palladium and Silver out of Monolithic ceramic capacitors, note, that recovery process is not a refining process. This is the prepping for the refining stage.


What are Monolithic Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC)?

Monolithic Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC) are a surface mount device (SMD) and can be found in almost all electronic applications now days and they have two main roles. They support the power supply for semiconductor devices and keep electrical "noise" at a low level. Usually found around chips and CPU's.

Continuing from Part 1 of this tutorial you have been told to remove the flask off the hot plate and allow it to cool back to room temperature and settle for about one hour.
Next step is to filter the resulting solution free of any solids.
And test it for precious metals presence with Stannous Chloride Test solution or with DMG test for Palladium.

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